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Having a washer that works and a dryer that doesn't is pointless. While the clothesline may be good enough for the meantime, it won't last. Any dryer problems should be fixed as quickly as they surface. It's not just convenient, it also prevents further problems. Get in touch with a provider of dryer repair in Glenview IL today if your dryer is acting up.

As a well-known Glenview dryer repair company, we have handled many different dryer problems. Most of our calls from clients in the Glenview IL region are for issues such as no heat, irregular heat, no cycle changes or stops, and even no power. We also get a fair share of calls when dryers cause breakers to trip and when dryers make weird or loud noises. These are just the common calls; there is no such thing as a bizarre dryer repair for us.

Our team of dryer repair professionals are highly talented and uphold a premium level of craftsmanship in every repair job. It's not just taking stuff apart. Even a non-invasive diagnosis can mean all the difference. We do every repair the right way, because every repair needs to be successful. Using a more invasive diagnosis technique could end up damaging non-defective dryer parts. Improper diagnosis could cause extra dryer parts to be replaced, which weren't defective.

Let us help you get your dryer repaired properly. After a quick call, we'll get a Glenview IL based repair tech sent out at the soonest time that works for you. We will collect any needed dryer parts in Glenview IL and return to complete the repair, if you choose to hire us after we run the written estimate by you. Needing a dryer repair in Glenview IL? Give us a call so we can help!

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Is your dryer starting to take forever to finish drying a load? If so, this is usually because of a blockage in the ventilation due to lint accumulation. This could be located anywhere within the ventilation, so make sure to inspect from the start to end of where the dryer exhausts. The trick for doing this right is using a vent cleaning brush, which you can pick up for $40 or less. Due to the poorer performance of your dryer and the increased risk of a house fire, it's suggested you use this brush once every three to six months.


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